a) The minimum age for a bitch to be mated is 24 months, but not if this is the bitch's first season.

bi) Bitches are not to be mated for their first litter after their 5th birthday.

bii) A bitch must not be mated after it's 7th birthday for its last litter.

(Any deviation from these ages should be by prior written veterinary approval)

c) A maximum of four litters only, in a bitch's lifetime.

d) Bitches not to produce puppies from more than two consecutive seasons.

e) All animals used for breeding should be sound physically, of excellent temperament and as true to breed type as possible.

f) Dogs not to be used at stud under twelve months of age.

g) As a breed club, we would advise that all animals are hip x-rayed and eye tested in an attempt to prevent the spread of hereditary defects.

h) No OES puppies to be "knowingly" sold on to pet shops, puppy dealers, laboratories, or any person dealing in live-stock for a living. Sell only to carefully vetted or recommended homes, giving detailed instructions on general management, and most important, a diet sheet which carries further information on feeding beyond the puppy stage. Prospective owners should also be made aware of the problems of owning an OES and given guidance on training, exercising and grooming. 7-9 weeks is soon enough for the puppies to leave their dam.

When selling overseas, sell only if the buyer is known or recommended. Buyers should reside in countries having similar standards of animal welfare as the United Kingdom.

Encourage buyers to keep in touch through the life of the dog, encourage them to become members of a breed club, even if not interested in showing. 

Never breed or keep more dogs than can be looked after personally with individual attention either by self or a kennel assistant.

The practice of placing bitches on breeding terms is unacceptable. Be prepared to take back any dog whose home may no longer be able to cope with it, if necessary to buy back on a reasonable basis.

i) This is the conduct expected of members of The Old English Sheepdog Club

March 2006 (Revised)